The ACLU works to abolish the death penalty through direct representation as well as through strategic litigation, advocacy, public education, and mentoring and training programs for capital defense teams.
The ACLU is dedicated to ensuring that our prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities comply with the Constitution, federal law, and international human rights principles, and to addressing the crisis of over-incarceration today. The ACLU of SD is principally concerned that the criminal justice system treats women and girls fairly regardless of race and that it protects the healthcare choices and safety of all women in custody.
Freedom of speech is protected in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and is guaranteed to all Americans. As a core founding principle, our access to this right plays a crucial role in maintaining an active democracy. Since 1920, the ACLU has worked to preserve free speech in all forms, including the right to assemble, protest, and petition for all individuals regardless of how unpopular some of the groups that utilize these rights may be.
The ACLU protects everyone's right to make informed decisions free from government interference about whether and when to become a parent. The ACLU of SD works with other groups in the state to safeguard reproductive rights for all women in South Dakota.
When the government has the power to deny legal rights and due process to one vulnerable group, everyone’s rights are at risk.  The ACLU is dedicated to expanding and enforcing the civil liberties and civil rights of immigrants and to combating public and private discrimination against them.
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgendered people are not legally protected from discrimination federally or in South Dakota. The ACLU has advocated on behalf of LGBT people for over 70 years. Our mission is to foster a society in which LGBT people and people with HIV/AIDS enjoy the basic rights of equality, privacy and personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association. Advancing LGBT rights brings us closer to the promise of full equality for all.
The Constitution guards against violations of individual rights in the name of national security. There has never been a more urgent need to preserve fundamental privacy protections then there is today. Indefinite detention, many Patriot Act provisions and government-sponsored torture programs transcend the bounds of law and our most treasured values in the name of national security. The ACLU promotes the belief that we can be both safe and free.

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Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, we work to ensure that conditions of confinement are constitutional and consistent with health, safety, and human dignity. Our goals include substantially reducing the existing incarcerated population, especially among people of color, the mentally ill, and other vulnerable populations; ending cruel, inhuman, and degrading conditions of confinement; increasing public accountability and transparency of jails, prisons, and other places of detention; and expanding prisoners’ freedom of religion, expression, and association. Achieving these goals will result in a criminal justice system that respects individual rights and increases public safety for everyone, at greatly reduced fiscal cost.
The ACLU aims to preserve and extend constitutionally guaranteed rights to people who have historically been denied their rights on the basis of race. We are committed to upholding racial equality and combating racism in all forms through litigation, community organizing and training, legislative initiatives, and public education to address the broad spectrum of issues that disproportionately and negatively impact people of color.
The Bill of Rights protects us from government interference with our religion, or from forcing any religious view upon us. The ACLU works to maintain this essential freedom by enforcing a separation of government and individual religious choice. We are dedicated to maintaining that separation to preserve religious freedom for all people.
The ACLU works to secure a world that respects everyone’s right to form intimate relationships and to decide whether and when to have children. With reproductive freedom comes opportunity: opportunity to build strong families and to enjoy a productive and meaningful life. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, we strive to ensure that our government respects and supports reproductive freedom for all.
The ACLU is committed to actively promoting responsible uses of technology that enhance privacy and freedom, while opposing those that undermine our freedoms and move us closer to a surveillance society. Challenges in the areas of censorship and privacy are constantly arising with the onset of new technologies. Unchecked government surveillance intrudes upon Americans' right to privacy, dangerously chilling speech and political dissent.
Established in 1965, the Voting Rights Project has worked to protect the gains in political participation since passage of the historic Voting Rights Act (VRA) that same year. Since its inception, the Voting Rights Project has aggressively and successfully challenged efforts that dilute minority voting strength or obstruct the ability of minority communities to elect candidates of their choice.
Since 1972, the ACLU has been working to systematically end gender discrimination in the workplace and throughout all avenues of society. Women have made great strides in the fight for equality, but gender bias continues to create huge barriers in criminal justice reform for incarcerated women and in access to educational and work opportunities for many, especially poor women, women of color, and immigrant women. The ACLU continues to advocate for paycheck fairness and workplace protections for women across the country.
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