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Take Action: Honor Roe V. Wade Anniversary By Telling Governor to Veto Anti-Choice Legislation

Take Action

Tell Gov. Daugaard to veto anti-choice legislation

This year's legislative session is chalk full of anti-choice rhetoric despite constituent calls for a reprieve from abortion-related regulations.

How can you help? Contact Gov. Daugaard and tell him not to limit freedom of choice and the right to access responsible family planning options.

South Dakotans have twice - by resounding measures at the ballot box - told their legislators the decision to have an abortion is between a woman, her family and her doctor. Yet this year's legislative session in Pierre is full of dangerous anti-choice legislation.

Urge Gov. Dennis Daugaard to reject any anti-choice legislation that comes across his desk.

The Governor's veto would keep government out of families' personal decisions and help prevent predatory "crisis pregnancy centers" (CPCs) from profiting even more from pregnant women in South Dakota.

Recently, the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls and the Black Hills Crisis Pregnancy Center in Rapid City were allowed to intervene in a court battle over a requirement in South Dakota that women seeking an abortion wait 72 hours. Proposed legislation requires women seeking abortions to face a three-day waiting period and undergo so-called "counseling" at CPCs that discourage abortion. CPCs often pose as comprehensive health centers and offer "free" pregnancy tests.

Why were these centers allowed to intervene? Because they EACH stand to lose up to 700 new clients each year if a lawsuit brought by the ACLU of South Dakota and Planned Parenthood prevails and stops the unconstitutional law from taking effect.

Some CPCs coerce and intimidate women out of considering abortion as an option, and do not offer women neutral or comprehensive medical advice. Often CPCs are run by anti-abortion zealots who are not licensed medical professionals.

The 1,400 pregnant women legally required to seek "help" at these CPCs every year is big business. Big enough that a judge would grant CPCs the ability to intervene and fight in a lawsuit on the side of the state.

Women and families don't need any more threats to or interventions in their ability to make intimate and personal decisions. Tell Gov. Daugaard to keep government and other dangerous anti-choice agencies out of such decisions.
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