UPDATE: This bill was referred to the House Health & Human Services Committee. Testimony was heard on February 21, with the final vote being deferred to later in the afternoon. Listen live at sd.net and follow our Twitter page for updates. 



House Bill 1225 would establish a determinant in identifying a student's sexual identity, according to their birth certificate, for the purpose of participation in high school athletics.

ACLU position: 

The ACLU of South Dakota opposes House Bill 1225. This bill won’t make sports safer or fairer for any student—all it would do is stigmatize and exclude a group of students who already face high levels of discrimination. Transgender students already face disturbing rates of bullying, rejection, and even violence. Making them the target of a bill that needless ostracizes them and denies them the right to have the same opportunities as their peers.



Rep. Qualm, Beal, Goodwin, Hansen, and Mulally and Sen. Greenfield (Brock), Klumb, and Stalzer





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