UPDATE: House Bill 1062 has been withdrawn.

House Bill 1062 is an Act to authorize the recovery of costs for defending certain initiated amendments in court.

House Bill 1062 requires the the sponsor of an initiated amendment to reimburse the Office of the Attorney General for the actual cost of defending any lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the initiated amendment if circumstances meet certain criteria. 

We oppose this bill. House Bill 1062 is an attempt to create additional barriers for community members hoping to sponsor initiated measures with popular support. While South Dakota politicians like to talk about freedom of choice and freedom of speech, they seem continually preoccupied with attempts to subvert the will of the people to excersize those freedoms.


Introduced by Deutsch Sponsored by Representatives Deutsch, Finck, Gosch, Greenfield (Lana), Gross, Hoffman, Koth, May, Mills, Otten (Ernie), and Perry and Senators Bolin, Stalzer, and Zikmund





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