UPDATE: House Joint Resolution 5004 was killed in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.


House Joint Resolution 5004 proposes that South Dakotans vote on authorizing the state to impose work requirements for some Medicaid recipients.

The ACLU of South Dakota opposes House Joint Resolution 5004. In 2022, South Dakotans voted to expand Medicaid without the notion of work requirements for recipients.

There are constitutional limits to the conditions that the state can attach to Medicaid benefits and to the treatment afforded beneficiaries. The ACLU of South Dakota believes that access to affordable health care is vital to participate in economic, social, and civic life. Restricting access to health care reduces the opportunity for these vulnerable individuals to contribute to society, participate in the public sphere, and exercise their Constitutional rights.


Reps. Venhuizen, Blare, Deutsch, Gross, Jensen (Kevin), Jensen (Phil), Koth, Krull, May, Moore, Mortenson, Odenbach, Otten (Ernie), Perry, Rehfeldt, Reisch, and Tordsen, and Sens. Crabtree (prime), Castleberry, Duhamel, Hoffman (Brent), and others


Sent to 41st Day/Did Not Pass



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