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  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Filing Against Taco John's

    September 24, 2014CaseLGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights
  2. Libertarian Party v. Krebs

    January 30, 2018CaseVoting Rights
  3. Antoine v. Winner School District

    February 10, 2014CaseRacial Justice, Smart Justice
  4. Bruce v. State of South Dakota

    October 19, 2017CaseLGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights
  5. Oglala Sioux Tribe v. Van Hunnik

    March 31, 2015CaseRacial Justice
  6. ACLU v. South Dakota Department of Social Services, Avera St. Mary’s Hospital

    June 28, 2017Case
  7. Dakota Rural Action v. Noem

    March 28, 2019CaseFree Speech
  8. Rhines v. Young

    May 11, 2020CaseLGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Rights, Capital Punishment , Smart Justice
  9. Planned Parenthood v. Noem

    January 25, 2022CaseReproductive Freedom