This bill is nothing more than a South Dakota version of President Trump's efforts to ban refugees from predominantly Muslim counties. To put it plainly: it's discriminatory, mean-spirited, and wholly unnecessary. 

Furthermore, refugee admission is a federal matter, reflecting our values as a nation. The resettlement of refugees is determined by the U.S. State Department. States don’t have veto power in this area. It would violate the Constitution for a state legislature to bar an entire group of refugees from coming into their state because of their nationality.


Senators Tapio, Curd, Greenfield (Brock), Jensen (Phil), Maher, Monroe, Nelson, Netherton, Novstrup, Russell, Stalzer, and Wiik and Representatives Dennert, Campbell, Frye-Mueller, Greenfield (Lana), Howard, Latterell, Pischke, and Zikmund

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