UPDATE: Senate Bill 109 was tabled in the Senate Health and Human Services Committe on Feb. 24. at the request of the bill sponsor.


Senate Bill 109 would provide protections for health care decisions governed by conscience. 

ACLU position

The ACLU of South Dakota opposes this bill. Senate Bill 109 puts all philosophical, moral or religious beliefs of healthcare providers ahead of the needs of patients seeking medical care, regardless of harm it will cause them.  It allows individual health care providers, medical institutions (clinics, hospitals etc) and health insurance providers to refuse any care they object to on religious, moral, ethical or philosophical grounds.

This bill would even authorize providers like EMTs to refuse care in emergency situations, no matter how much someone would suffer.  


Senators Stalzer, Bolin, Jensen (Phil), and Novstrup and Representatives Hansen, Deutsch, Gosch, Qualm, and Rasmussen





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