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Libby Skarin is the policy director of the ACLU of South Dakota and has served in this role since 2014. As policy director, Libby develops and implements strategies to advance civil rights and civil liberties throughout the state.

As the primary lobbyist for the ACLU, Libby maintains a full-time presence at the Capital during the South Dakota legislative session in Pierre. As a lobbyist, Libby has overseen some of the ACLU of South Dakota's greatest legislative victories for civil rights, including the passage of a bill ending life sentencing for juveniles, the historic gubernatorial veto of anti-transgender legislation, and stopping the repeal of presumptive probation.

Outside of the legislative session, Libby works with organizations and individuals across the state on LGBTQ issues, voting rights, reproductive rights, and criminal justice reform. She is currently directing the ACLU of South Dakota’s Smart Justice Campaign, an ambitious initiative to reform criminal justice policies in the state.

Prior to joining the ACLU, Libby served as an assistant attorney general for the state of Iowa in her hometown of Sioux City.  Throughout her career, Libby she has placed an emphasis on serving in the public interest and advancing both civil and human rights and has worked with the Sioux City Human Rights Commission as well as Iowa Legal Aid to provide assistance to underserved communities.

Libby is a graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law where she was a writer and then senior editor for the University’s Journal of Gender, Race & Justice. Her undergraduate work resulted in a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and political science from the University of Iowa.


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