TAKE ACTION: Call Mayor TenHaken And Ask For Additional Ballot Drop Boxes

The government should never require citizens to play roulette with their health in order to vote. That's why we're pushing Mayor TenHaken to think creatively and work with County Auditor Bob Litz to install additional ballot drop boxes ahead of the November Election

BACKGROUND: Recently, the city of Sioux Falls denied Minnehaha County Auditor Bob Litz’ request to place absentee ballot drop boxes at five Sioux Falls libraries. While Siouxland Libraries is jointly operated between the city and the county, Sioux Falls City Hall has authority of the libraries located within city limits.

TenHaken’s reasoning for the denial was a lack of time to iron out the necessary security details. The Mayor and his team can do better. 

Take a minute today to call Paul TenHaken's office or send him an email with your thoughts. We all know absentee voting is a safe, secure, and effective way for eligible South Dakotans to vote, so why the pushback? In order to reduce long lines on Election Day and help keep voters safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, please join us and urge him to reconsider placing secure absentee ballot drop boxes in Sioux Falls and work with County Auditor Bob Litz to formulate a safe and secure plan for installation.  


  1. Dial 605-367-8800 
  2. Once someone picks up, ask to speak with Mayor TenHaken or ask to leave him a message
  3. If you're connected, be direct, be firm, and be polite. Tell Mayor TenHaken why absentee voting is your method of choice. If it is not, tell him that this is an option for thousands of people this election cycle and when more ballot drop boxes are available more voters can make their voices heard in the political process. 
  4. If you're sent to voicemail, make sure your message is direct, firm, and polite. Make sure you leave your phone number in case the mayor would like to call you back. In your message, explain why absentee voting might be your method of choice and when more ballot drop boxes are available more people can make their voices heard in the political process. 


Email ptenhaken@siouxfalls.org

Dear Mayor TenHaken, 

Recently, a request by County Auditor Bob Litz to bring additional ballot drop boxes to Sioux Falls was denied. I think this was a mistake, and that's why I am writing to you today. We are currently grappling with nationwide uncertainty about the United States Postal Service’s ability to promptly deliver mail-in ballots for the Nov. Election. Providing voters in Sioux Falls with easily accessible, secure options to return their absentee ballots when it works for them is a common-sense solution to ensuring every eligible voter can participate in the 2020 General Election. It also minimizes the number of people that will need to access polling locations, thereby providing more space for those who are engaged in in-person voting and easing pressure on precinct workers.

Please reconsider and work with County Auditor Litz to formulate a plan to make this happen. We're counting on you. 

Thank you, 

[Your name and phone]