There are times when it's necessary to call your legislators at the Capitol during South Dakota's legislative session to make an urgent appeal on an impending vote or current issue. 

In that case, you'll oftentimes be calling an office line which won't directly connect you with who you're trying to reach.

That's why it's important to prepare what you're going to say ahead of time. 

As with any other meeting or communication with your elected official, tact is key. Remember to include the following things in your message: 

  1. Who you're calling: You'll need to know which district or city you live in and the name of the legislator or elected official you're trying to contact.
  2. What you're calling about: State the bill number you're calling in reference to and what action you'd like your legislator to take (ie. "please vote no on bill xxxx!")
  3. Say thank you to the person you speak with and leave your phone number or email for follow up. Let them know you will follow up within a week if you don't get a call back.