Elections can be confusing at times. There are several deadlines, various requirements, and laws that may be hard to understand completely. While information is accessible online for many counties and elections, oftentimes the information isn’t consistent across the board. That’s why we’re encouraging every South Dakotan to establish a connection with their County Auditor. 

All it takes is a phone call or an email to your county’s office to find the information needed to educate and empower your vote. 

Below is a list of every County Auditor in South Dakota along with their contact information and website, if available. We suggest saving phone numbers and emails to your contact list on your phone or as an addition to your rolodex for easy access at a moment’s notice. If you don’t see your county on this list, please email us at southdakota@aclu.org and we will get you connected. 

There’s also a PDF version of this information at the bottom of this page which is available to download and print on demand. 

For reference, here is a list of some common questions to County Auditors: 

  • When is Election Day this year? 
  • What elections are happening in our county this year? 
  • If I want to run for elected office, what does that process look like? 
  • I requested an absentee ballot, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Can you help me locate that? 
  • I’m not registered as a Republican or Democrat. Am I able to vote in any party’s primary election? 

Please note, this list of County Auditors could change after Nov. 3, 2020.

2020 South Dakota County Auditors

Use ctrl+F and type in your County to locate quicker if you're on a computer or laptop