Voting is a key part of our democracy and participation in society. Everyone has the right to vote regardless of their gender identity and should be able to have their voices heard on important issues.

Know this for Certain

Everyone deserves to be able to assert their fundamental right to vote without unnecessary and harmful barriers.

  • Denial of the ability to vote based on a voter’s presentation / identity not matching the gender marker on their ID.
  • Discrimination based on perceived difference.
  • Harassment or unnecessary questioning.

Things to Consider when Facing Barriers / Usage of Photo IDs

  • If all other legal requirements are met, as a transgender and gender non-conforming individual you are entitled to your right to vote.
  • Differing makeup, hairstyles or clothing from your current photo ID are not valid reasons to be denied a regular ballot.
  • You may look different from your photo ID for various reasons.
  • As long as the photo in your ID identifies you, regardless of gender marker matching what gender you are presenting as, it is valid for voting.
  • It is not illegal if the gender marker on your photo ID is not updated prior to voting.

If you experience discrimination when attempting to vote, please let us know: