UPDATE: House Bill 1244 has been assigned to House State Affairs. Tell members of this committee to oppose the bill. 

House Bill 1244 would provide a process to withdraw a signature from a petition for an initiated measure, constitutional amendment, or a referendum on a law in certain situations and to declare an emergency. 

In recent years the legislature has fought its own citizens by overturning laws voted in by the people. 

When South Dakotans become frustrated with the action or inaction of the legislature, we turn to the petition process to get the work done. In our state, the people have the power.  The legislature should respect the people’s wishes, not work against them, House Bill 1244 goes against the will of South Dakota voters. 


Representatives Hansen (prime), Aylward, Callies, Fitzgerald, Krohmer, Moore, Mortenson, Overweg, Perry, Pinnow, Reimer, Reisch, Shorma, Sjaarda, and Soye and Senators Novstrup (prime), Frye-Mueller, Hoffman, and Stalzer


Passed both chambers



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