House Concurrent Resolution 6008 opposes an initiated measure to place the right to an abortion in the Constitution of South Dakota.

The ACLU of South Dakota opposes this resolution. South Dakotans are well-versed in direct democracy. The state was the first in the nation to adopt an initiative and referendum process in 1898, giving citizens the power to propose and approve laws under which they live. In 1972, citizens were given the ability to petition for constitutional amendments to be added to the ballot. 

But opposing the work that South Dakotans are doing to allow people to vote on whether or not the right to an abortion should be in the state constitution is a dangerous precedent to set. Our legislators should be doing everything they can to encourage people to participate in democracy, not try to thwart it. House Concurrent Resolution 6008 is nothing more than political virtue signaling.


Representatives Cammack (prime), Arlint, Aylward, Bahmuller, Bartels, Blare, Chaffee, Chase, Deutsch, Drury, Fitzgerald, Gross, Hansen, Heermann, Jamison, Kassin, Koth, Krohmer, Krull, Ladner, Massie, May, Mills, Mortenson, Mulder, Otten (Ernie), Overweg,


Passed both chambers



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