Download or print your signs for South Dakota's first statewide protest against anti-trans bills 

Send the message to state lawmakers: TRANS PEOPLE BELONG HERE. 

No matter what state lawmakers say or what bills they try to pass, we know that trans people are here to stay. It's time to rise up and fight back, even if that means doing so from home.  

Download a print-at-home poster or save digital protest sign to show solidarity with transgender and gender nonconforming South Dakotans this Saturday (Feb. 27). Make sure to share your photos with #HiFromSD and #NoHB1217 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Our transgender and gender nonconforming peers are under attack. Together we can send a message that hate bills have no home here. 

More information about the in person protests from the Transformation Project Advocacy Network

In response to the repeated attacks we see each year on the transgender community in South Dakota, we have organized seven statewide demonstrations in protest of anti-trans legislation to be held the morning of Saturday, February 27th.

Allies in Sioux Falls, Watertown, Pierre, Brookings, Vermillion, Eagle Butte, and Rapid City will be showing up and standing up in the fight for policy that respects and protects Trans South Dakotans. We will workless tirelessly to shape a more inclusive South Dakota and we are grateful for those who join us in this work.

Wear a mask, bring a sign, and ask your friends to join in solidarity with Transgender South Dakotans.

  • Rapid City: Western Dakota Tech @ 9AM
  • Sioux Falls: Southeast Tech Institute @ 9AM
  • Eagle Butte: Main St & HWY 212 @ 10AM
  • Pierre: The Capitol Building @ 10AM
  • Vermillion: The Platz @ 10AM
  • Brookings: Hillcrest, 6th St & 17th Ave @ 10AM
  • Watertown: County Fair Parking Lot @ 10AM

For questions or media requests contact: Susan Williams at

Please be aware that the organizations hosting these events in person are independent from the ACLU. Before attending any in-person legislative coffees or cracker barrels, we recommend taking all appropriate COVID related safety precautions.