Pride month highlights the diversity of the LGBTQ culture – and we’re happy to see so many people celebrating across South Dakota. However, this time of the year reminds us that we must continue advocating for LGBTQ rights. We cannot forget important pieces of LGBTQ history, like the Stonewall Inn Riots in 1969 to the crucial win for marriage equality in 2015.

In 2019, elected leaders in the South Dakota legislature introduced numerous anti-LGBTQ bills, specifically anti-trans laws that would hinder the ability of trans students to play sports, get a proper education, and just plain live their lives in peace. Thanks to ACLU supporters like you, we managed to defeat every single bill. Yet our work isn’t over because lawmakers insist on debating the rights and well-being of LGBTQ South Dakotans. Let’s take Pride month to demand better from lawmakers in our state in 2020.

Our state representatives, senators, and our governor report to you. 

Take action now and ask the South Dakota legislature to end the relentless attacks on trans kids and LGBTQ people in South Dakota.

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Dear [insert name or title here],

Hi, my name is [insert your name]. Thank you for taking time to read my note, and hear about an issue that’s important to me. June marks Pride month nationwide, which honors the fight for LGBTQ equality across our nation.

In 2019, South Dakota lawmakers debated some of our nation’s most heinous anti-LGBTQ bills, taking aim at trans kinds simply to make their lives harder. Thankfully, each bill was killed, saving our state millions of dollars in lost tourism revenue and potential lawsuits. I’m writing you today and urging you to act. In 2020, it is high time South Dakota’s elected leaders protect the 20,000+ LGBTQ folks who live, work, and play in this state.

Please, when you’re serving South Dakota communities next year, consider the lives and well-being of everyone you represent – including LGBTQ people and their families.

All my best,

[your name, address, phone, and email]

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