We the People is a blog series that features the stories of members, supporters, volunteers, and allies of the American Civil Liberties Union of South Dakota. Together we are accomplishing critical work in our state to protect and advance civil liberties across the midwest and beyond.

Aubri is a Sioux Falls transplant with a passion for music and social justice. We're thrilled to have Aubri on our 2018 Election Day volunteer team!  

Tell us a little about yourself.

In 2009, I moved to Sioux Falls to attend the University of Sioux Falls. I have worked a few jobs from coffee to residential counseling and food delivery. However, I decided a few months ago to pursue my dream of playing piano for events like weddings, concerts, and musicals. Shameless plug: check out my website if you know if anyone in need of an accompanist. In the last year, I also came out as gay, and have been on the best journey of finding my joy while meeting amazing people along the way!

When did you first hear about the ACLU?

I have known vaguely about the American Civil Liberties Union over the years, but got involved last year when I met my wonderful person, Tara, who is very passionate about the ACLU’s mission.

How does the ACLU and our work relate to you personally? Are there any issues you feel most connected to?

Since coming out as a lesbian last year, I have become much more active in fighting for social justice issues surrounding the queer community. I love the ACLU’s dedication and bravery in the face of such overwhelming odds. I’m so glad I get to be part of a group of people who are fighting for all of us to have the chance to find our own joy in the world.

What made you want to volunteer on Election Day with the ACLU? 

I believe that our votes matter and that every single person should get the chance to vote. I wanted to volunteer to help voters know their rights and be a friendly face at the polls. I don’t want people to be afraid that they won’t get to vote or that their votes don’t matter.

Why is voting important to you? 

So many people in the past have fought for our rights to vote. As a woman, I don’t take that right lightly. We need to be engaged in politics and what is happening around us in our country. If we don’t vote, we lose the chance to change anything that is going on. Especially this year, with all of the terrifying policies of the Trump administration infringing on as many rights as they can, we need to raise our voices and say NO MORE. We’re done, we’re voting, and we will be heard!

Have you voted yet?

I haven’t yet! I have the early shift of volunteering, so I will be voting right after that is done.