The ACLU of South Dakota Team is Stronger (and Bigger!) Than Ever, Thanks to Your Support.

The year 2017 was pivotal in the fight to defend the Constitution here in South Dakota and across the country. We faced extraordinary threats to our rights and liberties – but you turned out, tuned in, persisted, resisted, and stood with the ACLU. Our membership numbers surged – and we are stronger than ever, thanks to your support!

Our small but mighty team has grown with addition of four new positions. Each addition brings our team to nearly double the size of the previous year, magnifying our impact across the state of South Dakota. Meet our new team members:  

  • Jennifer Petersen was promoted to Communications Director
  • Adam Jorgensen is our new Communications Associate
  • Noah-Smith Drelich was named Staff Attorney
  • Kadyn Wittman joined our team as Administrative Coordinator 

The recent staff expansion is a direct result of people tuning in and understanding that there are very real threats to civil liberties in our state. Our capacity to create change in South Dakota is bigger than ever, and we’re poised to fight back against attempts to undermine our rights or target any class of people for discrimination. Our team is focused on creating a fair criminal justice system, fighting attempts to restrict abortion, and protecting the rights of immigrants and people of minority faiths in our state.

The ACLU of South Dakota is the largest civil rights organization in the state and the fastest growing chapter of the ACLU nationwide. With your continued support we’re standing up to threats to our civil rights and liberties in our state through lobbying, litigation, and advocacy. And we’re just getting started.

Legislative session is around the corner (it begins next week, in fact!), so please become a member, sign up for our email list to stay informed of the latest developments, and volunteer to show up when it counts. Thank you for making our important work possible!

For more information and to get to know our team, check us out!

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