Robert Burandt (he/him/his)


President- Sioux Empire Pride Sports Association

June 2021 marks decades of celebrating LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Pride Month in our state. 

Yet we know Pride isn’t just about the parades, glitter, and festivals. Hear from Robert, president of the Sioux Empire Pride Sports Association, on what Pride is to him.

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Born and raised in and around the Minneapolis metro area. Robert says that by finding his footing there, he was allowed to safely spread his wings. He's had many mentors and supporters along the way who have made it possible for him to be the best version of himself.

Pride is ______. (Fill in the blank) 

Within. Once you are able to be your true self, your rainbow will shine its brightest.

How do you show your Pride year-round?  

By being visible, present, and honest.

What is your go-to song that gets you ready to take action?  

"Freedom" by Beyoncé (featuring Kendrick Lamar)

What do you have to say to politicians who support anti-LGBTQ+ legislation?  

Can I help educate you?

How can visibility in local government affect change in South Dakota?  

Having a seat at the table is so important. Using your voice at that table is even more important.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

All the pain was worth it. Don't give up, it gets better. No matter how dark, the light always finds its way through.

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