Pride Statewide

Celebrate LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Pride across South Dakota!

Pride is a time for queer people to come together and recognize our collective power.

In South Dakota we're proud to help spread the word of several upcoming festivals, parades, and events throughout the summer. 

Mark your calendars for one or more of the incredible community-led LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit Pride festivals and gatherings in your community. If you have an event to add or update please email with the details. 


  • June 11


  • June 11


  • June 11

Sioux Falls

  • June 18


  • June 25

Black Hills 

  • July 9

Please note that participation in in-person events carries risk of COVID-19 exposure, particularly to unvaccinated individuals. Please consider your personal health risks and, if appropriate, consult with your personal health care provider before deciding to participate. Do not participate if you conclude that you would be putting yourself, your loved ones, or others with whom you are in regular contact at risk by doing so. This is a personal decision for which the ACLU and any other partner organizations are not responsible.