South Dakota's Playlist for a Robust Democracy

Legislative advocacy is better with a good soundtrack.

Regardless of the issue area you're advocating for in 2022, there’s plenty of work to do, calls to make, letters to write, and legislative coffees and cracker barrels to attend.

We know you might need to jam out to some good tunes in order to get through it all.

Queue up our playlist

While scientists are still trying to figure out what exactly is going on in our brains when we listen to music and how it produces such potent effects on the psyche, studies have shown that listening to music has the ability to pump us up, calm us down and, according to Daniel Levitin, a prominent psychologist who studies the neuroscience of music at McGill University in Montreal, reduce anxiety and stress better than prescribed drugs.

That’s why we created a legislative session playlist on Spotify with a locally curated list of eclectic songs like:

  • “Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba
  • “Oh My God" by Adele
  • "Here We Go Again" by Aretha Franklin
  • “Stop" by the Spice Girls
  • “Superpower" by Adam Lambert
  • “If You're Out There" by John Legend
  • "I Need To Wake Up" by Melissa Ethridge

South Dakota's Legislative Session soundtrack is available on Spotify for you to like and download now.