This policy won’t help deter crime or make South Dakota communities safer.

South Dakota has smoked out House Bill 1212 which would severely put South Dakota communities at risk by expanding the state’s “stand your ground” law.  

These laws won’t help deter crime. In fact, they have been found to lead to an increase in homicides and exacerbate existing racial disparities in the criminal legal system.  

By increasing the circumstances in which people may use lethal force without fear of legal consequences, stand your ground laws increase the number of people who are killed without due process of law. 

House Bill 1212 is unnecessary. This policy will not not solve an existing problem – instead it could open the door to violent and potentially fatal, mistakes. Help stop unnecessary and avoidable escalation of overheated situations and vigilantism by urging your Senator to oppose this bill. 

Don’t allow this legislation to pass.  


  • Step 1. Find your Senator’s email here:  
  • Step 2. Make sure to modify your email before sending with your own personal touch. Add why you think House Bill 1212 is bad for South Dakota to really drive in the message.  



Dear Senator —  

My name is [your name]. I am writing you with urgency to ask that you oppose House Bill 1212, a policy that would modify South Dakota’s standards when justifying the use of force. I don’t think this bill will protect people in my community. In fact, I believe it’ll do the opposite.  

It is my fear that House Bill 1212 could expand the circumstances in which the state authorizes one person to kill another without any semblance of due process. This raises serious civil liberties concerns for me, and it should for you too.  

I ask that you consider the safety of all South Dakotans when voting on this bill. Please vote NO on House Bill 1212. 

Thank you for your time, 

[Your name] 


DON’T FORGET: Customize your email before sending! Make sure to add why you think House Bill 1212 is bad for South Dakota to really drive in the message. Email with questions.