Trans Girls Are Girls: Veto House Bill 1217

House Bill 1217 won’t help South Dakotans. This policy must be stopped, Governor Noem has the power to do that.

House Bill 1217 won’t help South Dakotans.

Background: On International Women’s Day, South Dakota lawmakers voted 20-15 to pass House Bill 1217, legislation that will prevent transgender women and girls from participating in sports. This policy has no place in South Dakota. 

This policy must be stopped.   

Passing House Bill 1217 now opens South Dakota up to costly litigation as the bill moves to Gov. Noem’s desk. That's why it is crucial we demand Gov. Noem utilize their power as governor to stop this policy.  

ACT NOW: Call Gov. Noem’s office to leave your message asking her to veto House Bill 1217 immediately. Remind our lawmakers that trans girls are girls and they belong in South Dakota. 


  • Dial 605-773-3212 
  • Staff: “Hello, Governor Noem’s office.”  
  • You: “Hi, my name is [your name] and I would like to leave a note for the Governor.” 
  • Staff: “What would you like to say?” 
  • You: “Governor Noem, please VETO House Bill 1217. It’s the right thing to do. Thank you.”  

Make sure to personalize your message and leave your name and phone number in case anyone would like to follow up with you.  



Dear Governor Noem, 

I am writing to you today with an urgent note. House Bill 1217 has no place in South Dakota, this policy will only harm trans women and girls in our state who just want to participate in sports. 

The truth is, trans girls are girls and trans women are women. You must prevent this policy from going any further.   

As Governor, you have the power to stop this policy. I hope to see you rise in defense of ALL South Dakota women by vetoing House Bill 1217 immediately.  

Thank you,  

[Your name]  

Contact for guidance or questions anytime! Thank you for rising up to defend South Dakota’s transgender community.