Voting is Vital: Stories of Civic Engagement 

The fight for our rights continues at the ballot box.  

The ability to vote and hold lawmakers accountable through the political process is vital to our democracy.  

From abortion rights and LGBTQ+ equality to classroom censorship and free speech, our rights are on the line this election.

That’s why South Dakotans like Keatyn, Jac, Carter, and Paul are voting their values and fighting for their community.

Why do you vote? Maybe it’s for your community. Maybe it’s to address certain issues. Or perhaps it’s the first time you’re able to cast a ballot. No matter the reason, make sure you cast a ballot.  


Elections matter. The 2022 midterms will affect the course of our country and our democracy for decades to come. So, get out and vote.  

Did you know early voting is open right now if you want to beat the crowds on Election Day? South Dakotans can vote during regular business hours at designated early voting centers across the state. Visit the Sec. of State's website to find out where to go.