ACT NOW: End House Bill 1217 Once and For All

South Dakota Legislators will be voting on House Bill 1217 on Monday. Act Now to stop this policy once and for all.  

Governor Noem isn’t planning to sign House Bill 1217 as-is and hopes to get South Dakota legislators to edit the bill in order for her to approve it. However, even with her proposed changes, this bill is still a harmful violation of transgender student athlete's Constitutional rights. 

We have time to stop this, but the clock is ticking. Act now.  

About the bill: House Bill 1217 is legislation that would ban transgender women and girls from competing on the sports teams that match their gender identity. This is the seventh attempt by South Dakota lawmakers to prevent trans athletes from competing.   

Let's stop this bill once and for all.   

Connect with South Dakota senators NOW and ask them to oppose any variation of House Bill 1217 proposed. This legislation doesn’t need any more airtime. Let your Senator know that we don’t want this bill signed into law.  

Sample email to South Dakota State Senators 

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SUBJECT LINE: End House Bill 1217 Once and For All  

Dear Senators, 

Governor Noem’s style and form revisions to House Bill 1217 do not change the fact that HB 1217 is harmful to transgender South Dakotans and a violation of their constitutional rights and federal civil rights law. The truth is that no matter what form this legislation takes, we know House Bill 1217 will do nothing to protect women in sports, but it will cause serious social and emotional damage to trans people in our state.  

Please vote to stop this bill immediately.  

House Bill 1217 has no place in South Dakota. Don't allow this bill to be signed into law only for taxpayers to wind up on the hook for costly litigation and severe negative economic impacts.  



Sample phone call:  

  • You: “Hello, is [your senator] available?”  
  • Senator: “Yes, that is me.”  
  • You: “Hi my name is [your name] and I am calling today to ask that you vote against House Bill 1217 and stop this legislation from being signed into law immediately.”  
  • Senator: “Thank you for your call!”

Be sure to customize your notes and calls! This is just a launching point. 

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