Click here to download a copy of our absentee ballot application instructions. 

Registered voters have been mailed an application to receive absentee ballots for South Dakota’s 2020 Elections. If you have not yet received an application or if you have yours in hand and need a little guidance, please follow these instructions.

An absentee ballot application request form can be found at  

What to do if you need a mail-in absentee ballot application: 

  • Confirm your voter registration status with the South Dakota Secretary of State or go to and follow the instructions.
    • If you prefer emailing directly with someone to confirm, you can check by emailing
    • If you’d like to call someone to talk through this process, dial 605-773-3537 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT.
  • Once your voter status is confirmed, proceed with filling out your application. 
  • Print out the absentee ballot application. You can find a copy at
    • If you don’t have access to a printer, you may email or call 605-773-3537 to request a form be mailed to you. 
  • Fill out your application entirely and honestly. 
    • If you are unable to get your form notarized or print off a copy of your approved I.D., you may email a photocopy of your I.D. to your county auditor.
    • Find your auditor at
  • While filling out your application
    • Where you see “Select the elections you are requesting an absentee ballot for” check “All” in order to receive ballots for every upcoming election you are able to vote in. 
  • Once you’re done filling out your absentee ballot request form, have someone look it over if you’re able.
  • If you have an immunodeficiency disorder or a circumstance which hinders you from leaving your home to get your ballot or vote in person, you may fill out the bottom section titled “Authorized messenger request due to sickness or disability only” to establish your authorized messenger.  
  • Be sure that every required field is filled in before signing the form at the bottom and sealing it in your envelope to be mailed in. If you don’t want to lick your envelope, consider taping it shut or dampening a cloth and running it along the tab where the seal is. 
  • After you send off your form, check your status at
  • Once you have your ballot in hand
    • Fill it out! 
      • Grab your pen and get to voting absentee like your rights depend on it. 
      • Take your time, if you make a mistake you can request a new ballot. 
  • Mail it back once you are done within 24 hours.
    • Each ballot will require postage to be mailed back. The South Dakota Secretary of State’s instructions state that it will cost three stamps or roughly $1.20. 
    • If you don’t have the ability to pay this, please email us at
  • After you mail your ballot back
    • Check your status at 
    • Follow up if you don’t see an update after a week.