Your toolkit for legislative advocacy in South Dakota

Before heading out to the capitol or your local legislative coffee, make sure you're ready to advocate.

Make your voice heard with the ACLU of South Dakota’s Advocacy Toolkit.

This kit provides the information and tools needed to act proactively to communicate and share your story with your elected officials during legislative session.

Whether you're making a phone call, texting your senator, or setting up virtual meeting with your representatives, the choice is yours. Every action you take will inch us closer toward broadening and strengthening civil liberties in South Dakota.

This kit provides you with tools needed to act proactively, right now. Download a copy below.

Together we will ensure our lawmakers protect our freedoms and defend our constitutional rights and make South Dakota a more equitable place for everyone.

Toolkits include: 

  • Template letters 
  • Full Advocacy Toolkit 
  • Legislative contact information 
  • ACLU contact information for questions and assistance