Each week we're counting down to our Cheers to Liberty event by spotlighting ACLU of South Dakota members. We are pleased to introduce our presenting sponsor, Mark Meirehenry, whose generous support is critical to making our Cheers to Liberty event a success!

About Mark Meierhenry

Mr. Meierhenry is a nationally recognized trial attorney and former South Dakota Attorney General from 1979-1986.

Mark Meierhenry and the ACLU

"The reason I am a sponsor of the ACLU is to support lawyers dedicated to the preservation of the peoples’ constitutional rights.  I also love to see a test of truth in the Courts between good advocates on vital issues of the day.   In this day of  government for hire, the ACLU’s truth seeking is needed.  I also like the ACLU’s toughness in taking on the bullies of the United States."

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