The Cheers to Liberty event is less than two weeks away! We are proud to have the support of event sponsor Megan Brennan, owner of MODstash Vintage in Sioux Falls. 

Megan tells us why she's a member of the ACLU and why she has chosen to be a business sponsor of our Cheers to Liberty benefit:

I am proud to stand with the ACLU. Protecting LBGTQ rights, fighting for criminal justice reform, supporting Planned Parenthood and a women's right to choose and protecting rights for minorities are just a few priorities I care deeply about. Joining the ACLU allows me to be more informed on important issues in my city and state further allowing me and my business to be an active part of social reform and protecting rights for all.

When President Trump signed a ban discriminating against people of Muslim faith traveling to and from the country, the ACLU stood against the highest power in the nation to assure this illegal act of power was reversed. I am proud to stand with an organization that protects and fights for the rights of people from all backgrounds.

I look forward to being a strong advocate and active member of the ACLU. 

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